Quest 3 Handle Attachment

Sale price$39.99

Experience the beat like never before. Providing a weighty, balanced grip for rhythm games and secured play that lasts all night!

Transform Your Rhythm, Rule the Game! šŸŒŸ

āœ… Enhanced Realism: Specifically designed for rhythm games like Beat Saber and Smash Drums. Adds realistic weight and balance for a more authentic VR experience.

āœ… Secure & Easy Attachment: Innovative design with quick, secure clamping. Includes custom battery cover for a flawless fit.

āœ… Comfort for Extended Play: Lighter and longer, with a comfortable grip. Ideal for hours of gameplay without fatigue.

āœ… Triple Protection Mechanism: Ensures controllers stay attached, even in vigorous gameplay. No more accidental drops or tracking signal loss.

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