Comfort Strap for Quest 2

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Experience lightweight comfort designed for active use. Our easy-to-adjust strap offers excellent support and balance, making it perfect for exercise.

The Default Quest 2 Strap Is Ruining Your VR Experience

You love playing VR... So why keep suffering with an uncomfortable setup?

The Comfort Strap is all you need to truly enjoy VR

  • Takes pressure off your face & forehead
  • Comfortable for long sessions 
  • Stops headaches
  • More immersive

How It Makes You Comfortable

The Comfort Strap takes pressure off of your face, cheeks and forehead.

It applies pressure around your head instead - Which will be surrounded by thick & comfy padding!

You won't even feel like there's anything on your head.

Easy to Adjust

Don't bother with those flimsy straps anymore.

Turn a single knob and you'll find the perfect fit in seconds - no matter your head size!

Stable Fit

With a better fit, your Quest 2 won't slide down your face.

Once it’s on, you wont be re-adjusting it.

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