VR Boxing Gloves (for Quest 2/3)

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Step up VR boxing with real Boxing Gloves! Designed for a realistic and immersive experience while keeping your surroundings safe.

Feel the Punch of Reality 🥊

✅ Real Feel: Elevate your VR boxing with gloves that attach seamlessly to controllers. Dive into a more immersive, realistic experience with every punch and jab.

✅ Home Safe: Game with confidence! These gloves provide a protective layer, minimizing the risk of accidentally hitting and damaging your home surroundings during intense bouts.

✅ All Skill Levels: Whether you're a VR boxing rookie or a seasoned pro, these gloves are your perfect partner in the ring, enhancing your skills and gameplay experience.

✅ Cardio & Fitness Booster: Real boxing gloves intensifies your fitness routine, making it more effective and engaging.

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