Anti-Blue Light Lens

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Designed to combat VR headaches, these lenses reduce blue light, the leading cause of eye strain. Dive into immersive worlds longer and more comfortably, ensuring a pain-free virtual adventure.

Choose your Quest: Quest 3

Stop VR Headaches

With your eyes right in front of 2 screens -

VR headaches are almost impossible to escape! 


The oldest trick in the book is by simply reducing blue light.

It's been battle tested & proven to work on screens, and turns out it's just as effective on VR.

Reduce Eye Strain

Blue light is the #1 cause to eye strain.

Filter out the blue light so you can enjoy VR pain free.

Effortless Installation and Protection

Slide these lenses on seamlessly for instant protection.

Crafted to prevent accidental scratches on your Quest 2, they're a must-have for preserving your device. And with the magnetic attachment, installing and removing is a breeze.

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