Get $10 in Exchange For a Video Review

Get $10 By Sending Us A Short Video Review 📹

I will send you $10 to your account in return for a short 15-45 second video review of our head strap


Get Started Now,
Just follow these simple steps:


1) Use a phone or tablet that can record video


2) Record Your Video Review

*15-45 seconds long*

We suggest having a friend or family member record you..
(You can take them out for coffee later)



Video Requirements 📹

To qualify for a the $10, you must include these:

  • Mention our company name: NordQuest VR
  • Clearly show Your Face and your Quest 2 Prescription Lnes
  • Tell us about the Product and Your Shopping Experience. 

3)Email Us! 📧

Email us your video!
(From the same device you recorded it on, easy as pie)


When we receive your video we will get in contact with you to confirm the right address.

And voila, an extra $10 in your bank account :)


*I give NordQuest VR permission to use my quote/video in complete or edited from, with my first name and city/state for advertising/publicity purposes.