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Top Action and Adventure VR Games

Top Action and Adventure VR Games
Action and adventure have always been at the heart of gaming, and virtual reality takes these genres to new heights. The Meta Quest 2 has an impressive library of action and adventure VR titles that immerse players in thrilling worlds. With Nordquestvr's Comfort Strap, you can enjoy these adrenaline-pumping adventures in style and comfort. In this blog, we'll explore the top action and adventure VR games you can play on your Quest 2 using the Nordquestvr Comfort Strap.

1. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Dive into the universe of The Walking Dead in Saints & Sinners, where you must survive the undead-infested city of New Orleans. Sneak past zombies, scavenge for resources, and make morally challenging decisions in this eerie VR adventure. The Nordquestvr Comfort Strap ensures your headset stays put as you battle the undead and face your fears.

2. Moss

Moss combines elements of action, adventure, and puzzle-solving in an enchanting forest setting. As you guide Quill, a brave little mouse, through obstacles and challenges spread across a stunning world, the Nordquestvr Comfort Strap allows you to stay comfortable during your captivating journey.

3. Vader Immortal Trilogy

The Vader Immortal Trilogy is a must-play for Star Wars fans. With three episodic adventures, step into the shoes of a smuggler caught up in a story featuring Darth Vader himself. Wield a lightsaber and use the force as you explore the narrative-driven experience. The Nordquestvr Comfort Strap provides both comfort and stability as you engage in this extraordinary Star Wars adventure.

4. Journey of the Gods

Journey of the Gods is a visually impressive action-adventure game set in a mythical world. As you solve puzzles and battle enemies, you'll unlock god-like powers that allow you to manipulate terrain and create miracles. The Nordquestvr Comfort Strap ensures that your Quest 2 stays secure and comfortable during intense gameplay.

5. Population: One

A thrilling battle royale experience, Population: One drops you into a high-stakes landscape where you must outsmart and outlive 23 other players. Master weapons, build strategic defenses, and navigate the terrain using your abilities. With the Nordquestvr Comfort Strap, you're set for a secure and enjoyable gaming session, with added comfort and stability during intense matches.


The wide array of action and adventure VR games available for the Meta Quest 2 provides gamers with hours of immersive entertainment. Nordquestvr's Comfort Strap with Battery Pack levels up your gaming experience by ensuring a stable and comfortable fit during these high-action adventures. Enhance your next action-packed VR gaming session with the perfect accessory: the Nordquestvr Comfort Strap.

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